Billy & Pat Vlog: Retreating to the Desert

When we were invited to a friend's wedding in Los Angeles we thought it was the perfect opportunity to tack on a few extra travel days to get some R&R in the California desert.

We spent three days at a tiny, isolated, wonderful AirBNB in Twentynine Palms, CA, just on the border of Joshua Tree National Park. We did some hiking, some exploring, took a sound bath at The Integratron, but mostly just sat on some old patio chairs eating chips and salsa and loving every relaxing second of it.

Check out the vlog of our vacation that shows all of the interesting stuff with minimal chip eating.

To prep for the trip (and to have something to listen to at our wifi-less getaway) we made a playlist of songs perfect for a modern desert retreat. Take a listen if you'd like.



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