Uberconference Creates (Almost) Pain-Free Conference Calls

This post was originally posted on Clubhaus, Block Club's blog of inspiration.

Let’s be honest: No one likes conference calls.

As a project manager, I like to push for face-to-face meetings with clients and vendors to assure that communication is clear and personal. Unfortunately, time and location restraints often create the inevitable need for a conference call.

Keeping track of everyone on the call and trying to get a word in while others are speaking can be challenging. Not to mention the problems that arise when you can’t find your PIN code to join, or the administrator doesn’t know the administrator PIN to start the call in the first place.

That’s why I’ve started using Uberconference for both internal and client meetings whenever possible. It’s a free conference call service that backs up its smart features with a clean and simple design. You can watch this quick tutorial to get more details on Uberconference’s features.

I’m responsible for facilitating a lot of calls, which is why I like the easy scheduling feature of Uberconference. Clients and teammates can join a call the old fashioned way by dialing in to our dedicated number, or they can join via web or app interface to show personalized profiles pulled from their social media accounts.

One of my favorite features is the way Uberconference visually displays each participant. It’s a great way to put a face with a voice and to see who is speaking at any given time. Plus, there are administrative controls for each participant that allow for easy muting of those with loud background noises or who may just be listening in.

The other feature that I regularly use is the record function, which records the call and quickly turns it into a downloadable .mp3 file for review once the call has concluded. No more missing information!

There are premium versions of Uberconference for those who need it, but for now I’m very pleased with the free version of services. 

Whether you’re a project manager, administrative assistant or someone who’s just tired of status quo conference calls, I highly suggest giving Uberconference a try.

This post was originally posted on Clubhaus, Block Club's blog of inspiration.