Introducing PSN Creative


Although I've had many professional titles—brand manager, content director, host, page, YouTuber—I have always considered myself a creative producer at heart; a person who lives at the intersection of ideas and execution.

That's why after 12 years of building up my professional experience at wonderful media and marketing companies I am finally taking the leap into self-employment with the launch of PSN Creative.

My goal is to work with organizations, businesses and individuals to refine their narratives. I want to help them build content and strategies for content that support their vision and connect them with new audiences. I want to lend my expertise and voice to projects that inspire me with the hopes of inspiring others, too. 

Whether it's starting a blog, creating a video series, writing stories or cross-pollenating brands, I want PSN Creative to be a resource for those ready to ratchet up their content and enhance their storytelling.

Please poke around the new site to review the current list of services and work, and shoot me an email if you'd like to connect about working together.

 Let's make cool stuff!
- Pat