Playlist: My Pretend Coffee Shop


Buffalo has some fantastic coffee shops—like Public Espresso, Tipico, and Remedy House just to name a few—and I often find myself setting up shop in those locations to get some work done. It's a great change a scenery and perfect for some people watching to break up the day. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about what it would be like to run my own coffee shop. But since I don't know anything about coffee other than I am a goblin if I don't drink it, I tend to focus on the music I'd play in the background.

So, I've put together a playlist titled "My Pretend Coffee Shop" that I think encapsulates what I'd play at my own non-existent cafe. It's a two-and-a-half-hour mix of ambient, folk, R&B, and pop music that's chill but has enough energy to keep you moving through the day. Take a listen!


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- Pat

Billy & Pat Vlog: Hiking to the Eternal Flame


On a gorgeous and unseasonably warm December Sunday Billy & Pat broke out their gear to take a hike to the Eternal Flame at Chestnut Ridge Park. The Eternal Flame is a natural gas vent tucked inside a waterfall that is (almost) always lit, providing a spectacular payoff to the end of the hike.

We were joined on the trip by our friends and fellow content creators Lindsay, Becki and Chris, who also documented the day in their own way. Take a look at the afternoon in the most recent video from Billy & Pat Vlog.

And here are two gifs from the video...

eternal flame.gif
eternal flame kiss.gif

It was such a treat to spend the afternoon with other creatives who were filming, too. Being a content creator out in the wild can often be intimidating, daunting, and even a bit embarrassing as you spend time getting the perfect shot or trying to talk to the camera in public. Knowing that the entire group was there to not only enjoy the day but capture the experience through our own points of view was wonderful. If you're feeling nervous about starting a vlog or creating content outside of your usual surroundings it's definitely helpful and encouraging to find a friend (or three!) to create with.

Check out Becki & Chris's and Lindsay's videos to see the differences among our methods of storytelling. And congrats to Lindsay on her very first vlog!

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I Have a Huge Following... Now What?

huge social media following.jpeg

Most brands and businesses devote money, time, and resources to growing their online following. There are often teams of people whose sole purpose is to create content and monitor social media accounts to increase fans, followers, and engagement. The goal, of course, is to turn that following into paying customers.

But what do you do when you amass a large following and you're not a business, or you're an individual who has inadvertently become his or her own brand? How can someone use their following to create opportunities for future income or employment?

I recently reconnected with a good friend from college. We were both broadcast communications majors who have since left the news business; she now runs communications and community relations at a Pennsylvania high school and I work on content strategy and production support for other businesses, plus have a YouTube channel on the side. She reached out to me after learning a promising student at her school had a huge following on social media and was making some decent money promoting other brands through his accounts. As he gets closer to graduation the school staff is eager to help him identify opportunities that align with his skills, and connect him with others who have had a similar path. We set up a Google Hangout so we could talk and share our thoughts on his unique situation.

After learning more about his trajectory and interests, my advice was to not only continue learning about traditional marketing and advertising—he clearly has a knack for it—but to really dig into the business and analytics side of social media marketing. My observation was that it appears the creative work comes naturally to him, so being able to speak about numbers and ROI (the stuff the finance folks and decision makers care about) could be a huge advantage for him and set him apart from others in his situation. Because he is often approached by national and international brands already, I encouraged him to reach out to local businesses and organizations in his hometown to talk to them about partnerships.

You don't have to live in New York City or Los Angeles to participate in influencer marketing and promotions. This goes for both local influencers and local businesses. Influencers and content creators are always looking for things to talk about, and businesses want authentic, personal promotion, so why not partner up?

The takeaway is to keep educating yourself—whether formally or on your own—about things that not only interest you but may be tangential or the seemingly opposite side of the coin of your interests. Think about the people or departments that you'll need to work with to be successful and learn more about their world. It will not only help you build better relationships, but help you put together a more effective strategy for working together because you'll understand their needs and objectives.

If you think you or your business could benefit from brand or content strategy consulting don't hesitate to get in touch!

- Pat

Billy & Pat Vlog: Exploring Buffalo's Beautiful New Bakery & Restaurant


In partnership with Visit Buffalo Niagara, Billy and Pat recently spent a wonderful day eating and drinking (and eating and drinking and eating) their way through Rowhouse Bakery & Restaurant.

Rowhouse is a beautiful new, multi-level space on Delaware avenue that offers grab-and-go items, bakery selections, coffee, and sit down table service, plus has a beautiful pizza bar, lounge and cocktail bar. Take a look inside Rowhouse by watching the video...

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Billy & Pat Vlog: Stomping Grapes at Liten Buffel Winery


Raise a glass to the latest video from Billy & Pat Vlog! The pair recently got their feet wet (quite literally) stomping and squashing a variety of grapes at the Liten Buffel winery in Middleport, NY. Take a look:

Liten Buffel's mission is "to make the highest caliber Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Riesling from the Niagara Escarpment AVA and the surrounding Niagara region." They also make other types of beautiful wines, and are super fun to follow on Instagram!

For those who will never experience the unique sensation of dipping yourself into a one-ton vat of grapes, please enjoy these animated gifs:

billy grape stomping.gif
pat grape stomping.gif

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CASTING: Men and Women for PrEP Video



PSN Creative is casting a commercial for a Buffalo-based nonprofit to promote the ease and effectiveness of PrEP. PrEP is a daily pill used for HIV prevention.

Production will take place in mid-November in Buffalo, NY and will require 3-4 hours of time from each actor. Selected talent will be compensated $150 for their time.

Actors should feel comfortable having their face appear in an ad for PrEP. This is a scripted acting job, and personal identifiers like real name and status will not be included.

We are casting for the following characters, but these are somewhat flexible for the right talent! People of color are strongly encouraged to apply.

Role 1

  • Man
  • Age 30-50
  • Should feel comfortable appearing shirtless in a shower scene (shown getting ready for the day, non-sexual)

Role 2

  • Man
  • Age 21-30
  • Should feel comfortable appearing shirtless (shown getting ready for the day, non sexual)

Role 3

  • Woman (or female identifying individual)
  • All ages welcome

If interested, please send an email with the subject "PREP VIDEO" to with the following info:

  • Name, age, location
  • A few recent photos of yourself
  • Links to any relevant social media accounts like Instagram, YouTube or Facebook

Please share this link with anyone you feel may be right for role.


Join Us for Dinner and Drinks

Excited to announce that I will be hosting Dining Out for Life at The Dapper Goose on Tuesday, October 10 alongside the lovely and talented Lindsay Robson from Nickel City Pretty!

Nearly 100 restaurants from the area will be participating, with donations going to Evergreen Health to support services with those living with HIV and AIDS. Watch the video to learn more:

RSVP to the event on Facebook and then make your reservation at The Dapper Goose!

If you'd like to talk about how to produce or plan your next event shoot me an email so we can chat!

- Pat

Billy & Pat Vlog: Prepping Burgers from HelloFresh


Billy & Pat Vlog continue their partnership with meal delivery service HelloFresh to highlight the ease and affordability of the brand's easy and delicious meal kits. In the most recent episode, the duo prepared "Juicy Lucy Beef Burgers" at home with great success! Watch now:

As you can see from the following gifs, HelloFresh makes cooking pretty fun! Maybe a little too fun...

billyandpatvlog buns.gif
billyandpatvlog tease.gif
billyandpatvlog meat.gif
billyandpatvlog eating.gif

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- Pat

Buffalo Collective: A Creative Studio for DIY and Drinks


PSN Creative recently wrapped up an exciting video project with Buffalo Collective Studio. Buffalo Collective hosts do-it-yourself  parties where visitors can put together wood decor, pillows and apparel from scratch in one of two studio locations in the Buffalo area. Buffalo Collective also hosts private events like bachelorette parties, baby showers and birthdays.

If you look at any of Buffalo Collective's social media accounts (like Facebook or Instagram) you'll see some beautiful examples of the work their party-goers create on a daily basis.

To give their followers an even better glimpse of what one of their DIY & Drinks events are like, Buffalo Collective reached out to PSN Creative to produce a short video of what a typical event is like.

After meeting to discuss a few ways to best show and tell their story, we came up with a fun and fast treatment to help viewers feel like they were inside the studio during a party. Take a look at the final video:

To coincide with the launch of the video, Buffalo Collective is running a contest on their Facebook page where visitors can win gift certificates for a workshop and more! If you want to learn more about how you can book a workshop or private party check out

If your brand or business could use a video to attract new customers or better show off your products and services, don't hesitate to get in touch so we can work on something together!

- Pat

Billy & Pat Vlog: Hatchet Throwing Lessons at Hatchets & Hops


The latest edition of Billy & Pat Vlog appears much more dangerous than it is! The duo gathered a group of friends for an evening of hatchet throwing lessons and beers (what a combo!) at Hatchets & Hops in downtown Buffalo. Take a look: 

Hatchets & Hops is Buffalo's first axe throwing club and hosts individuals, groups, private parties and leagues of folks interested in who wish to throw sharp objects with accuracy! Special thanks to Visit Buffalo Niagara for setting up the fantastic night.

hatchets hops 2.gif
hatchets hops 4.gif
hatchets hops 3.gif
hatchets hops 5.gif

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- Pat

Photos: Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project

PSN Creative photographed attendees at this year's 48 Hour Film Project in Buffalo, NY.

The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in numerous cities and is a "wild and sleepless weekend" where filmmakers have just two days to write, shoot and edit their movies. See the full photo album below, or on the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project Facebook page.

Need some photography or planning assistance for your next event? Drop me an email!

- Pat

Performers Needed for Hamilton-esque Commercial Shoot

casting performers Buffalo.jpg

PSN Creative is casting a handful of performers for a commercial shoot in Buffalo, NY. Tentative shoot will be in mid-September. Models, singers, performance and spoken word artists are encouraged to audition!

The client is a spirits brand that is launching a new vodka experience. The commercial will feature a troupe of 4-6 friends out at a hip bar discussing the virtues of the new vodka experience. The final script is tongue-in-cheek and will play with irony, sarcasm and a cocky wink.

Casting Details:

  • Men and women ages 25-40
  • Looking for a diverse cast in all ways
  • Look hip, fun and sophisticated

Shoot Details:

  • Shooting in Buffalo, NY in mid-September (Date TBD)
  • Rate is $500 + possible 20% agent fee for the one-day shoot
  • Travel allowance may be provided for out-of-town talent

To be considered, please shoot a well-lit video of yourself with clear audio that includes the following elements:

  • A chest-up (like a headshot) introduction of yourself, including your name, age and location. Feel free to include any other relevant or interesting info about yourself
  • A left and right profile shot of yourself
  • A full body, head-to-toe shot of yourself
  • Performance of both of the demo scripts (see below)

Please upload your audition video to a third party site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc) and email the link, any relevant headshots and your contact information to with the subject: CASTING CALL - (Your Name). 

SCRIPT 1 - (Delivered as if you were having a conversation with friends at a bar)

I am not throwing away my shot!
I am not throwing away my shot!
Hey yo, I'm just like my country
I'm young, scrappy and hungry
And I'm not throwing away my shot!
I'm ‘a get a scholarship to King's College
I prob'ly shouldn't brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish
The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish
I gotta holler just to be heard
With every word, I drop knowledge!
I'm a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal
Tryin' to reach my goal. My power of speech: unimpeachable
Only nineteen but my mind is older
These New York City streets get colder, I shoulder
Ev'ry burden, ev'ry disadvantage
I have learned to manage, I don't have a gun to brandish
I walk these streets famished

SCRIPT 2 - (Delivered as if you were speaking directly to camera/a friend)

Hey... if life were perfect, 
magazines would never smell like perfume,
dogs would walk themselves, 
and algebra would really come in handy.  
Well, look on the bright side, at least there’s AMSTEL LIGHT.
It has only 95 calories,but you still get real imported taste.
You don’t give up a thing.Who says nothing’s perfect?...Amstel Light.

Happy auditioning!

CASTING CALL: Sophisticated Swagger Spoken Word

PSN Creative is casting a handful of talented performers for a commercial shoot in Buffalo, NY. Tentative shoot will be in mid-September. This is a paid, one-day shoot. Travel and per diem may be provided to talent coming from outside the Buffalo, NY area. Models, singers, performance and spoken word artists are encouraged to audition!

The client is a spirits brand that is launching a new vodka experience. The commercial will feature a troupe of 4-6 friends out at a hip bar discussing the virtues of the new vodka experience. The final script is tongue-in-cheek and will play with irony, sarcasm and a cocky wink.

For more details on the commercial and to get instructions on how to submit your audition please download this casting call PDF.

Billy & Pat Vlog: How to Make a DIY Gallery Wall

After more than a year of having blank walls in the the home office, Pat decided to finally hang up his gallery wall. And since it was a great opportunity to share a little bit of DIY knowledge, he recorded the process as a quick tutorial for those looking to get inspired. Take a look!

In addition to the video, we also created some fun animated gifs to promote the project!

diy gallery wall 1.gif
diy gallery wall 2.gif
diy gallery wall 3.gif

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- Pat

CASTING: Models for Major Sports Apparel Shoot



PSN Creative is casting male and female models for a still photo shoot with a major Buffalo-based sports apparel company. Modeling experience is not necessary, but you should look good in a hat!

Casting Details:
- Men and women who appear age 18-25
- Ethnically ambiguous is preferred (but not a mandatory)
- Must look good in a baseball cap

Shoot Details:
- Shooting in Buffalo, NY on Friday, August 18
- Non-local models will be provided one night hotel (Thursday, Aug. 17)
- Rate is $1,000 + 20% agent fee + $150 Travel allowance (gas and hotel) for out-of-state talent

To audition, send an email with model stats (height, weight, age, location, contact info) and headshots to with "Sports Apparel Shoot" in the subject.

Good luck!

An Evening at The Martin House Complex


Buffalo, NY is home to some amazing architecture. One of the most stunning works is The Martin House complex, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece built between 1903-1905.

Last year my husband and I visited the complex for a self-guided tour of the beautiful buildings, and just recently we spent an evening with the Buffalo Bloggers Network for a tour of the amazing renovations that are nearly complete on the original house. Here are some photos from the event:

The buildings on the complex are stunning! I could spend hours wandering around and looking at each and every perfectly thought out detail.

If you're in the Buffalo area I would definitely recommend taking a walk around this beautiful campus. Plan your visit here.

- Pat

Playlist: Jams du Jour


Last month I launched a playlist for those folks longing to be sitting poolside called "I Wish I Had a Pool," but this month I'm sharing something a little less dramatic. 

"Jams du Jour" is my constantly evolving playlist of songs that I'm currently obsessed with. Most of the tracks are upbeat new releases, but you never know when a classic jam will make its way onto the list. Check it out for a revolving selection of feel-good tunes!

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- Pat

Billy & Pat Vlog: Summer Shenanigans

In the newest episode of Billy & Pat Vlog the duo share a compilation of some recent travels and adventures around the Western New York area (and beyond!)

In the video Billy and Pat visited Baker Camp, Liten Buffel winery, the Richardson Olmsted Campus and several other summer hot spots. Take a look: 

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- Pat

Boats, Beer and Rock Climbing at RiverWorks

Billy & Pat Vlog recently partnered with Visit Buffalo Niagara to for a fun shoot at Buffalo RiverWorks.

RiverWorks is a massive waterfront complex along the Buffalo River that features entertainment, sporting events, ice rinks, climbing walls, food, drinks, a beer garden and access to unique boating experiences (like a tiki boat!)

Take a look at the video:

In addition to the video, Billy & Pat Vlog created a series of gifs to promote the clip.

riverworks kayak pat.gif
riverworks climbing wall billy.gif
riverworks buffalo pat.gif
riverworks climbing wall pat.gif

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